The machine is designed for the manufacture of products from cellulose acetate materials by radial winding on the mandrel. Formed and impregnated with a binder tape is placed on the mandrel along the calculated path. The angles of winding are taken depending on the nature of laying a single wind, the overall pattern of laying winds and the geometric shape of the mandrel.

Main technical characteristics
1 Carriage speed, mpm up to 30
2 Diameter of winding products, mm 400
3 Length of winding products, mm 2000
4 Mandrel rotation speed, rpm 70
5 Mandrel weight with plastic, kg up to 300
6 Material tension, kgf from 4 to 6
7 Number of simultaneously controlled coordinates, pcs 2
8 Number of spools, pcs up to 4
9 Power consumption, kVA 5
10 Tension control  automatic

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