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Characteristics of the organization

"Scientific-Production Enterprise Computing, Information and Control Systems" was founded in 2007, in Novocherkassk, Rostov region. Director - winner of the Russian Federation Government Prize in Science and Technology, Professor Vladimir Marinin. Number of employees - 45 people, including 5 candidates of technical sciences.

The organization unit of the Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (Novocherkassk Polytechnic Institute) - Scientific Research Institutes of computing, information and control systems set up in 1999. Director - Professor Vladimir Marinin. Number of employees - 20 people, including 3 candidates of technical sciences.

Development and production of:

  • Specialized multi-axis winding machines with CNC for small batch and mass products manufacturing made of polymer composite materials using the dry and wet winding methods;
  • Automated systems for CNC manufacturing composite structures by the Automatic Fiber Placement (AFP) method;
  • Multifunctional multithreaded AFP heads, providing supply, heating, clamping and cutting prepreg material in the manufacture of flat and complex profile composite details;
  • Multi-cell active releasing mechanisms for storing and supplying a harness material with a predetermined stable tension load;
  • Automated systems for monitoring and regulating the technological parameters of wet and dry winding;
  • Software and hardware for thermal and power tests of shell structures made of composite materials;
  • Multicoordinate measuring complexes with CNC for control of large-sized structures for various purposes;
  • Software for the design and manufacture products from composite materials (CAD / CAM - systems for composites);
  • Specialized softwarefor the management of multi-coordinate equipment with numerical control.

The advantages of our solutions:

  • The range of products manufactured by the winding method is expanded through the use of new mathematical models unified in relation to the shape of the product;
  • Increases the productivity of products manufacturing by the method of winding due to the optimization of technological modes;
  • Product quality is improved by developing software and hardware that increases the predictability of the structural and mechanical properties of products made of composite materials;
  • Existing and used in the industry domestic and foreign equipment is adapted to expand the class of manufactured products due  use of microprocessor technology, CNC systems and flexible, highly efficient software;
  • The use of computer simulation in the preparation of CNC programs for real equipment reduces the cost of production of composite products.

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