The lathe type machine is designed for single, small batch and mass products manufacturing made of polymer composite materials using the wet winding method. This winding machine provides the manufacture of products by laying glass , organic, carbon tows according to a non-linear program on a rotating mandrel cylindrical, conical-cylindrical, spherical forms with a diameter up to 1000 mm and up to 2500 mm long. 

Main technical characteristics
1 Accuracy of resin temperature maintaining in the bath, °С ±3
2 Carriage speed, mpm 60
3 Diameter of winding products, mm from 40 to 1000
4 Heating temperature of the resin in the impregnation bath, °С 70
5 Length of winding products, mm up to 2500
6 Mandrel rotation speed, rpm up to 150
7 Mandrel weight with plastic, kg up to 500
8 Material tension, kgf up to 70
9 Number of simultaneously controlled coordinates, pcs 5
10 Number of spindles, pcs 1
11 Pay-out-eye speed, mpm 60
12 Power consumption,  kW 18

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